The Price Of Freedom

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The Price of Freedom is high but the future will make up for the great sacrifices of the Vietnamese refugee community. Many thanks to our friend Lâm Vĩnh Bình who has given us thought and hope.


The asylum-seeking exodus of the Vietnamese people was an extremely important event at the end of the 20th century, greater than the three other escapes-by-sea during the same period of time in other countries because it was a tragic, courageous, heart-wrenching act, which impacted on the mercy of humanity. The only baggage they brought with them was their determination to seek freedom and their most precious wealth was their children for whom they were ready to sacrifice their lives, hoping for them to enjoy a civilized and personalized education in the new land where they would settle down.


Author Lâm Vĩnh Bình in his The Price of Freedom, has widened his research work by presenting the status of the overseas Vietnamese refugees currently living in 14 countries of the free world, together with the Vietnamese migrant workers and the Vietnamese students. He meticulously analyzed the settlement process in each country, with population distribution, level of education, degree of social integration, which he divides into melting-pot and integration.


  • Author: Lam Vinh Binh
  • Paperback: 488 pages
  • Dimensions: High 9" x Width 6" x thickness 1.2"
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs
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